X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter

All ships operate at maximum efficiency for tuning at 1/3 power ([key). This is extremely useful if someone is on your tail. Engage 1/3 power and pull to one of the four
corners or you joystick; this sets you in an oblong roll towards them at a very tight
turn. Soon you will find youself on their tail.
Instant gratification.

- If you have a joy stick with a four way hat, the optimal configuration is for the "up hat"
to be full speed, the "right hat" to be weapon link(x) (ie single fire, dual fire, quad fire)
the "down hat" to be 1/3 speed, and the "left hat" to be weapon choice (ie lasers,
missles, ion). the up and down particularly useful to stay on somone's tail.

-When somone targets you with a missle and you are asked to "key to target" immediatly hit spacebar to target the missle. you then have 2 choices. If the missle is close, .5 km or less, and you have counter measures, then look at your right (rear) radar screen and try to position the missle directly in the center. Then for chaff fire once it is .1km away, for flare .25km. this will eliminate the missle. If the missle is far away, key to it, and then center it in your left radar screen (forward). You should see a box around a missle. Switch to single fire and begin to pelt the offending
war head with lasers. This should get rid of it.

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