Quake 2

Press ~ to display the console, then type

g_unlimited_ammo 1=Unlimited ammo
give blaster-=Blaster
give bullets=Bullets
give cells=Cells
give grenades=Grenades
give grenadelauncher=Grenade Launcher
give jacketarmor=Jacket Armor
give machinegun=Machinegun
give mines=Mines
give nuke=Nuke
give quad=Quad Damage
give rebreather=Rebreather
give rockets=Rockets
give rocketlauncher=Rocket Launcher
give shells=Shells
give shotgun=Shotgun
give slugs=Slugs
give sshotgun=Super Shotgun
give silencer=Silencer
god=God Mode
noclip=No Clipping
notarget=No Target Mode
give all=All items
give ammo=All ammo
give armor=Body Armor
give armor shard=Armor Shard
give blue key=Blue Key
give bodyarmor=Body Armor +1
give combat armor=Combat Armor
give commander's head=Commanders's Head
give health=Health
give power cube=Power Cube
give power shield=Power Shield
give red key=Red Key
give security pass=Security Pass
give slugs=Slugs
give weapons=All weapons
sv_gravity=Change gravity 800 (800 is normal)
crosshair=Change crosshair 1 or 5

Press ~ to display the console, then type "map [level code]" using the following
information to skip to the corresponding level:

Name/Level code

Outer Base/base1.bsp
Comm Center/base3.bsp
Lost Station/train.bsp
Ammo Depot/bunk1.bsp
Supply Station/ware1.bsp
Main Gate/jail1.bsp
Destination Center/jail2.bsp
Security Complex/jail3.bsp
Torture Chambers/jail4.bsp
Guard House/jail5.asp
Grid Control/security.bsp
Mine Entrance/mintro.asp
Upper Mines/mine1.bsp
Drilling Area/mine3.bsp
Lower Mines/mine4.bsp
Receiving Center/fact1.bsp
Sudden Death/fact3.bsp
Processing Plant/fact2.bsp
Power Plant/power1.bsp
The Reactor/power2.bsp
Cooling Facility/cool1.bsp
Toxic Waste Dump/waste1.bsp
Pumping Station 1/waste2.bsp
Pumping Station 2/waste3.bsp
Big Gun/biggun.bsp
Outer Hangar/hangar1.bsp
Comm Satelite/space.bsp
Research Lab/lab.bsp
Inner Hangar/hangar2.bsp
Launch Command/command.bsp
Outer Courts/city1.bsp
Lower Palace/city2.bsp
Upper Palace/city3.bsp
Inner Chamber/boss1.bsp
Final Showdown/boss2.bsp

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