The following codes are typed during gameplay after pressing F10

aqua-Gives 500 Aqua Vampire Bullets
bighead-big Head Mode
bigboom-Unknown Effect
burningstake-Gives Flaming Tip Arrows
freezer-Toggles Enemy Freezing
godgames-God Mode
goremode-Toggles Gratuitous Dismeberment
goldmode-Tells You "buy FLY!"
healme-Restores Health
ifarted-Gas Mask for Stranger
mercury-Gives 500 Mercury Bullets
moreammo-Gives More Ammo
oldhat-Stranger Wears Alternate Hat
silver-Gives 500 Silver Bullets
snowstorm-Snows Outside
recharge-Renew Battery
skeletonkey-Gives Skeleton Key
thunderstorm-Rains Outside
winblows-All Weapons and Ammo




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