Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Enter one of the following codes at any menu before starting a race to activate the
corresponding cheat function:

Race with more traffic on the road/rushhour
Police yell comments during chase/bullhorn
Empire City track/empire
El Niņo bonus car/elninor
CLK GTR bonus car/merc
Jaguar XJR-15 bonus car/jag
El Niņo pursuit car/ecop
Diablo pursuit car/dcop
Enable all cars/allcars
Jaguar XJR-15 and all secret police pursuit cars/newcars
Fast car in single race mode/gofast
Mazda Miata/go01
Toyota Landcruiser/go02
Cargo Truck/go03
BMW 5 Series/go04
71 Plymouth Cuda/go05
Ford Pickup with Camper Shell/go06
Jeep Cherokee/go07
Ford Fullsize Van/go08
65 Mustang/go09
66 Chevy Pickup/go10
Range Rover/go11
School bus/go12
Caprice Classic Taxi/go13
Chevy Cargo Van/go14
Volvo Station Wagon/go15
Crown Victoria Cop Car/go17
Mitsubishi Eclipse Cop Car/go18
Grand Am Cop Car/go19
Range Rover Cop Car/go20




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