Midtown Madness

Press CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-F7 until a box appears on the screen. Type the codes below. These only work in Single Player mode.

/big-Big people.
/bridge-Bridge very quickly. *NO SCORE*
/damage-Damage back on.
/dizzy-Spinning sky.
/fuzz-Toggles cop radar. *NO SCORE*
/grav-Half gravity. *NO SCORE*
/nodamage-No damage mode. *NO SCORE*
/nosmoke-Wheel / Damage smoke off.
/postal-Horn fires mailboxes. *NO SCORE* /puck-Player experiences no friction. *NO SCORE*
/slide-Ambient cars have no friction. *NO SCORE*
/smoke-Wheel / Damage smoke on.
/swap-Swap the train with a string of 737s. /talkfast-Commentary plays fast. /talkslow-Commentary plays slow.
/tiny-Tiny people.
/ufo-Replace planes with UFOs.

Player Name Cheats:

Change your player name to the following by clicking "New" in the player selection screen.

Cheats marked with * will disable race result monitoring and score. You cannot unlock new vehicles with these enabled (for obvious reasons).

Showme Cops-Displays all Police Units on the map. *

Big Bus Party-All traffic vehicles are city busses. *
Tiny Car-All traffic vehicles are compact cars. *

amizdA eoJ-All traffic vehicles drive around IN REVERSE.

Jet Planes-All traffic vehicles are Air Planes.

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