Heroes of Might and Magic II

While playing a scenario, press [Tab] and type one of the following codes to activate the following cheat:

nwctim - All Magic and 999 spell points
nwcshrubbery - All sources increased
nwconlyamodel - All buildings in castle
nwcalreadygotone - Full secret item map
nwcsirrobin - Instant failure
nwctrojanrabbit - Instant win
nwcatnioch - Hero gains tent, ballista & ammo
nwcfleshwound - Hero gains Death Knights
nwcigotbetter - Level up for hero
nwccoconuts - Infinite move points for hero
nwccastleanthrax - Maximum luck for hero
nwcmuchrejoicing - Maximum morlae for hero
nwccavertingoureyes - Extra 35 Archangel




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