Earthworm Jim

Type these at game screen:

you are sod - Invincibility
noble-Full energy
itsawonderful-Extra life
onandonandon-Maximum continues
popquizhotshot-1000 bullets
justwhatyouseepal-Maximum plasma gun
threemileisland-Maximum life and energy
apollo13-Homing missile
do not go there-View ending sequence
hatman-Stick figure mode
slaugtherhouse-Access first five levels
romario-Access first 11 levels
getthecheesetosickbay-Access all levels
pulsating-Appear as Groucho Marx
festering-Appear with red afro
bloated-Appear with black afro
pusfilled-Appear with antennae
sweaty-Appear with big lips
malformed-Appear with huge glasses
slugforabut-Appear with arrow in head
framerate-Display framerate
iddqd-Display development team
idkfa-Displays testing team



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