Start with a visit to Adria. Go to her and save the game. Buy any book(s) and read it/them. Save the game again. Now buy any item from Adria. Then reload the game. Not only do you still have the cash left over from buying the item, but Adria will have a fresh supply of items to choose from! If she doesn't have anything you like, just buy something again and reload! The same holds true for Wurt. Just save the game before you talk to him. Buy whatever he has then reload! Wurt now has a new toy and you still have the same cash!

Here's how to dupe an item without any hacking:

1. Use Town portal.
2. Set any item in front of the portal.
3. Click with the mouse on the item and step through the portal.
4. When you reach the town the item will be in your inventory.
5. Go back through the portal and the item will be where you left it.


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