Diddy Kong Racing


Quick start

At the moment the race commentator says "Get Ready" and those words fade from the screen, press A.

Space World

Collect all the trophies and amulets, then locate the sign by the lighthouse. Approach the sign and honk your horn. The lighthouse will turn into a rocket and launch into space, allowing access to the bonus fifth world.

Second adventure

Enable the "Space World" code. Then, beat Wizpig on this world. An "Adventure 2" option will now be available. This adventure involves collecting platinum balloons on reversed tracks.

Play as Drumstick

Collect all of the trophies and amulets. Move to the central area, with the red spot that leads to all other zones. Then, run over the frog that has a red bird perched on its head to access Drumstick.

Play as T.T.

After selecting a character, choose "Tracks" and turn time trials on. Then, beat one of the following times with the default vehicle used in Adventure mode on that track. Example, Hot Top Volcano, use the plane, not the hovercraft. Beat the required time, and you will race T.T.'s ghost. Beat his ghost time (which is "Time To Beat") on every track and he will become a selectable character.

Track Required Time Time To Beat
Ancient Lakes 1:07.00 1:01.28
Fossil Canyon 1:37.00 1:30.18
Jungle Falls 1:08.00 1:02.50
Hot Top Volcano 1:35.00 1:30.71
Everfrost Peak 1:53.00 1:48.00
Walrus Cove 2:10.00 2:06.28
Snowball Valley 1:13.00 1:06.41
Frosty Village 1:44.00 1:39.40
Whale Bay 1:19.00 1:13.11
Crescent Island 1:39.00 1:33.16
Pirate Lagoon 1:34.00 1:28.56
Treasure Caves 1:10.00 1:05.63
Windmill Plains 2:22.00 2:13.13
Greenwood Village 1:46.00 1:40.61
Boulder Canyon 2:11.00 2:02.35
Haunted Woods 1:22.00 1:09.51
Spacedust Alley 2:12.00 2:06.16
Darkmoon Carverns 2:20.00 2:12.05
Spaceport Alpha 2:16.00 2:09.03
Star City 2:07.00 2:01.45
Cheat Codes

Enter one of the following codes through the "Magic Codes" selection on the options screen. Enter the code again to disable the cheat effect. Note: The cheat codes can not be saved and must be entered with each game session. Additionally, some codes will only work in Tracks mode and have no effect in Adventure mode.

Code What It Does
OPPOSITESATTRACT All balloons are rainbow
TOXICOFFENDER All balloons are green
BODYARMOR All balloons are yellow
BOMBSAWAY All balloons are red
ROCKETFUEL All balloons are blue
BOGUSBANANAS Bananas slow race
VITAMINB Infinite bananas
FREEFRUIT Start with 10 bananas
NOYELLOWSTUFF No bananas in multiplayer mode
BYEBYEBALLOONS No CPU player weapons
JOINTVENTURE Two-player adventure mode
ARNOLD Large racers
DOUBLEVISION Race against same character
BLABBERMOUTH Alternate horn
FREEFORALL Level three items
JUKEBOX Music test [Note 1]
OFFROAD No slow down [Note 2]
WHODIDTHIS View credits

Note 1: A music test option will be available on the "Audio Options" menu.

Note 2: To drive at full speed, leave the track

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