Metal Gear Solid


Sound menu

Successfully complete the VR training missions with a 100% ranking. The sound menu will be unlocked at the options screen and allows all game sounds and music to be played.

Special stage select

Successfully complete the game on the easy or greater difficulty setting. The special stage select allows any level to be played with new mission objectives.

Plot Revelation

Successfully complete stages in the special stage select to get No. 4 to reveal pieces of the plot.

In-game entertainment

Successfully complete the game, and then start a new game. Dial up 140.07 on the Codec to hear some in-game entertainment.

Automatic ration use

By equipping rations as opposed to simply using them, they will automatically be used by Snake when needed. This is especially useful in Boss battles, or when there is a chance of being hit by a powerful attack.

See FaMas bullets

Shoot until you have two bullets left, then equip your bandanna and shoot again.

Defeating Revolver Ocelot

Use the shoot while running trick and follow him around the arena. Keep shooting him in the back until he is down.

Defeating the tank

Throw a chaff grenade on the ground, and when it explodes, run towards the tank and throw a grenade into the tank. If the grenade does not go into the tank, it will take a small amount of health off. However, if it did it will instantly kill the guard. It is possible to defeat the tank with only two grenades.

Get past the wolves

You can use the handkerchief to get past the wolves that are in the cave before the place where you first meet Sniper Wolf.

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