Star Wars Episode One: Racer


Mirror mode

Place first on all 24 tracks in championship mode to unlock mirror mode.

Bonus characters

Finish first place on the indicated track and circuit to unlock the corresponding racer:

Racer Track/Circuit
Sebulba Boonta Classic/Galactic
Aldar Beedo Beedo's Wild Ride/Amateur
Ratts Tyerell Howler Gorge/Semi-pro
Mawhonic Andobi Mountain Run/Galactic
Slide Paramita AP Centrum/Invitational
Clegg Holdfast Aquilaris Classic/Amateur
Bullseye Navior Sunken City/Semi-pro
Ark Bumpy Roose Bumpy's Breakers/Semi-pro
Wan Sandage Scrapper's Run/Semi-pro
Bozzie Baranta Abyss/Invitational
Neva Kee Baroo Coast/Semi-pro
Ben Quadinaros Inferno/Invitational
Teemto Pagalies Mon Gazza Speedway/Amateur
Mars Guo Spice Mine Run/Amateur
Boles Roor Zugga Challenge/Semi-pro
Fud Sang Vengeance/Amateur
Toy Dampner Executioner/Galactic

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