Aerowings 2: Airstrike

Free flight missions 20 and 21

Successfully complete all fighter missions and tactical challenges.

F-18 Aggressor fighter

Successfully land more than nine carriers in either carrier free flight mission.

F-15DJ Aggressor 2 fighter

Get over 50 kills in the game.

T-3 fighter

Get over 100 kills in the game.

Bonus airplanes

Successfully complete the indicated mission to unlock the corresponding aircraft:

Aircraft Mission
T-4 Fighter Pilot 5
T-2 Fighter Pilot 13
Silver F-4EJ Fighter Pilot 20
F-15DJ Fighter Pilot 26
F-15J Fighter Pilot 30
F-104J Tactical Challenge 5
F-4J Tactical Challenge 6
F-1 Tactical Challenge 7
Gray F-4EJ Tactical Challenge 8

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