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Blaine Krumpe, Staff Writer
email: blaine[AT]gamesfirst.com
user imageBlaine Krumpe has been involved with GamesFirst! since early 2004, when he joined the team as a Staff Writer. Since then, some of his best memories have been spent talking with game developers, publishers, and PR people while wandering the booths at E3 2004 and E3 2005. ?The game industry is HUGE to say the least,? says Blaine, ?and I?m incredibly happy to be writing for GamesFirst! Internet Magazine. I love the cutting edge of technology and having games push the envelop of what we think to be the latest and greatest. I?m glad to be working with this talented group of individuals in an industry that I love.? Blaine studies Environmental Sciences at the University of Idaho, and works on 3-D mapping and spatial analysis for the National Park Service.
Blaine Krumpe has written 28 articles.
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