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Finally Some Real Perfect Dark Zero Screens
game: Perfect Dark Zero
posted by: Shawn Rider
publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
developer: Rare Ltd.
date posted: 10:30 AM Wed Oct 5th, 2005

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Click to read.Microsoft has been holding out on pretty much all info about Perfect Dark Zero. They know the game has a rabid fanbase thanks to the massive cult success of its N64 predecessor, and they know we\'ll all just lap at any little dribble of PDZ-oriented love we can find. So here we are: Finally we\'ve got a load of new screens to share, fresh out of Amsterdam where Microsoft hosts its annual European Xbox showcase.

We know the game is a prequel to the last Perfect Dark. Which sort of causes some game-narrative issues, but we\'ll wait and see how Rare works that out. The younger age of Joanna Dark has led to her character redesign, which is a bit cutesy for a hardcore spy action game. We wish they\'d gone more NOLF than super-kawaii.

But this is an FPS, so we shouldn\'t be terribly bothered by the character redesign. In some leaked gameplay videos we\'ve seen third person elements, such as a roll-dodge and wall-sneak, which could really add to gameplay. In previous informative releases we\'ve learned that PDZ will feature Xbox Live multiplayer with up to 50 players in a single battle. That could be a blast, although our nostalgic (and naive) selves hope for local multiplayer and bot support for that classic PD experience.

It looks like in most ways Perfect Dark Zero is set to satisfy longtime fans of the series, and we won\'t be at all surprised if it lives up to its hype as a breakout hit on Launch day.

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