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Shadowbane Calls for Beta Testers
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date posted: 09:10 AM Mon May 20th, 2002
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Chosen Players to Receive Coveted Beta Accounts for
Highly Anticipated MMO

San Francisco, Calif. - May 28, 2002 -- Ubi.com and Ubi Soft, the publishers of Shadowbane, are now accepting additional applications to be a beta tester of Shadowbane, the fantasy-based, massively multiplayer online (MMO) game slated for launch later this year. Shadowbane has been in a closed beta test since January 2002. Ubi.com will be letting thousands more players into the test this year. Players interested in being picked to be a tester of the most highly anticipated online RPG of the year can apply for consideration at the Shadowbane Website: http://www.shadowbane.com.

Developed by Wolfpack Studios, Shadowbane has been called \"The Next Great Online RPG\" by Computer Gaming World. Shadowbane takes the genre to a new level by offering gamers an unparalleled challenge that combines role-playing and strategic elements. Shadowbane is the first MMO to offer a Dynamic World Model, in which players\' actions and decisions permanently change the history, politics and landscape of the game. Players will utilize both role-playing and strategic elements for city management, army creation, siege warfare and economic development.

The lucky, chosen beta testers will experience a challenge and depth never encountered in any other MMO. Full application rules and restrictions can be found on the Shadowbane site.

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