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twoplayer comic: Relief After a Long Day
posted by: Aaron Stanton
publisher: GamesFirst.com
date posted: 12:00 AM Sun May 22nd, 2005
last revision: 12:12 PM Tue Aug 16th, 2005

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Telling people that E3 is a lot of work, that you\'ll come home on the airplane tired, grouchy, possibly missing limbs, and unable to spell correctly is hard, because most people don\'t believe you. It\'s like spending 10 hours a day at a really active and loud amusement park, three days in a row, followed each day by late nights of writing or parties. It\'s a blast, but it\'s also exhausting, and if you tried to stretch it for more than a week you\'d probably develop some sort of allergic reaction to games and your career as a game journalist would be over. Sometimes those people that wander the floor dressed up as zombies take their jobs too seriously, and if you leave with the same number of limbs as you came with, you\'re lucky. In many ways, that makes it much like a Resident Evil game, only you don\'t have the creepy announcer when you first arrive. If they could hire that guy to say, Welcome to E3,? over the intercom at the beginning of the show, life would be complete.

Games aside, E3 is always a big deal here at GamesFirst. Probably what I enjoy more than anything is having an opportunity to hang out with the people I work with. Since GamesFirst is so spread across the country in terms of our staff, I rarely get to see more than three or four of our team at one time. E3 shoves us all into one hotel together, and hectic things happen. I wouldn\'t be surprised to find that all of the disasters prophesized by the bible before the Second Coming could somehow be satisfied by our meeting alone.

It also sends us home with a great deal of energy, and this year is no different. The coverage you see coming down the line right now is nothing compared to the plans we have for GamesFirst in the months to come. While we had planned to implement a number of really nifty new features (that I\'m not going to tell you about yet) sometime towards the end of summer, with a larger re-launch a few months after that, I have a feeling that the success of this year\'s E3 may end up bumping our timeline forward a few months.

Six months from now, I expect GamesFirst to be a completely different beast than it is now. You can quote me on that.

Aaron Stanton

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