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Cyberlore Studios Trades 'Mechs and Babes for Serious Games
press release
posted by: Shawn Rider
developer: Cyberlore Studios
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date posted: 10:01 AM Tue Sep 13th, 2005

Click to read.Cyberlore Studios has announced their departure from the mainstream gaming world. After creating the classic Majesty franchise, Cyberlore made several great MechWarrior games and, most recently, the Playboy The Mansion sim. However, today Cyberlore has announced that they will hang up their gaming hat and begin making \"serious games\" for business and training applications. Whee... Here is the whole sad story in their official farewell press release:

Cyberlore Downsizing

For Immediate Release

September 12 2005 ? Cyberlore Studios, Inc., a Northampton, Massachusetts computer and video game developer, today announces a planned reduction in its entertainment division in response to financial pressures relating to the bankruptcy of its publisher Hip Interactive, Inc. and the recent loss of new business prospects. A core of the company remains to pursue opportunities in the Serious Games market, where Cyberlore is already developing ground-breaking corporate training software using game simulation technologies.

President Seth Spaulding explains, "We bucked the industry trends for thirteen years as we transitioned from developing DOS games to Windows games, 2D games to 3D games and PC games to Console games, all without outside funding. During this entire period we never suffered layoffs, and we provided our employees with great benefits, an open workplace, and tremendous job opportunities."

Cyberlore is actively working to help place its former employees at game studios throughout the country as well as at other local companies. "The talent level at Cyberlore is absolutely spectacular. It has been an honor and a privilege to work with such distinguished developers, all of whom are terrific team-players," indicates Joe Minton who has served as the industry face of Cyberlore for nearly a decade. "I look forward to seeing all of the wonderful companies throughout the industry that are made even better with the addition of Cyberlore alumni."

Spaulding continues, "We are extremely sad to be letting these great people go, and hope that Cyberlore's games including Majesty, MechWarrior4: Mercenaries, Risk and Playboy: The Mansion will continue to inspire and entertain gamers for many years to come."

Cyberlore is the owner of the Majesty intellectual property rights and is currently soliciting offers to sell the rights to this award winning, best selling, much-loved franchise.

The Serious Games Division of the company, established in 2004, represents a solid foundation from which Cyberlore seeks to create new business opportunities in the fast growing industry of simulation-based corporate training. The New Year will bring announcements of the cutting-edge, industry leading work that Cyberlore is engaged in on this front.

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