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Bungie Asks Halo Fans to Fight the Flood
game: Halo 2
posted by: Shawn Rider
publisher: Microsoft
developer: Bungie
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date posted: 06:09 PM Sun Sep 4th, 2005
last revision: 08:21 PM Sun Sep 4th, 2005

Click to read.Bungie has made a clever t-shirt which it is selling to help out victims of Hurricane Katrina. It\'s cool because not only are they donating $15 for every $20 shirt sold directly and immediately to the American Red Cross, but the shirt is actually a clever Halo \"flood\" joke. And it\'s tasteful. Click view the shirt in the Bungie store.

And once again, we have to commend Bungie on their efforts. Every bit counts, folks. Visit http://katrinahelp.info to find out other ways to contribute to the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.

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