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Game Boy Micro Release Date Announced
posted by: Chris Martin
publisher: Nintendo
developer: Nintendo
date posted: 11:12 PM Thu Sep 1st, 2005
last revision: 11:11 PM Thu Sep 1st, 2005

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Click to read.Nintendo announced recently that it has zeroed in a September 19 release date for the Game Boy Micro at a $99.99 price tag.

The Game Boy Micro, though it has been seen with many face plates, will come in a standard silver and black with 3 individual face plates packaged with it. Apparently not only Micrososft thinks that face plates are the wave of the future.

\"Game Boy goes anywhere, and now it fits anywhere,\" says George Harrison, Nintendo of America\'s senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications. \"The incredibly small size of Game Boy Micro belies the powerful technology shrunk into a hip new casing with an intensely bright screen; and at under $100, it\'s a must-have.\"

The Micro is an itty bitty 4 inches wide by two inches long and a slim .7 inches thick. So not only is it easier to lose, but it can compete with your digital camera as most important toy for long trips. Just don\'t play it while you\'re driving.

Still, the Micro will feature all the possibilities of the Game Boy Advance and play all its games. Last we saw of the Micro was at E3 2005 and, let me tell you, it was damned small. So small that it could have been easily lost in the bosoms of the women showing it off.

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