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MobZombies at USC Interactive Media Division
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game: MobZombies
posted by: Shawn Rider
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date posted: 02:00 PM Sat Aug 20th, 2005
last revision: 04:59 PM Sat Aug 20th, 2005

Click to read.The University of Southern California\'s Interactive Media Division has some really interesting projects going on. Thanks to a link on http://www.We-Make-Money-Not-Art.com , we happened across this really cool project coming out of USC\'s labs: MobZombies.

MobZombies is a mobile augmented reality game in which players carry around a tablet-sized display that shows the zombies in the real world. The better you are at avoiding the zombies, the more zombies show up to feast on your squishy bits.

Of course, all of the player\'s movements are performed in the real world. Want to run faster? Then RUN FASTER! Those are zombies on your tail, after all. And nevermind how bizarre you must look running screaming through the campus quad. Hit a wall in the real-world, but the zombies are still after you? Then you\'d better climb it, get around it, or get through it, and in this game you have only the abilities you were born with.

Learn more about MobZombies and lots of other experimental student proects at the USC website (click here).

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