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Earn $200 Playing Guitar Hero 2 Saturday, August 11
game: Guitar Hero 2
posted by: Chris Martin
publisher: RedOctane
developer: Harmonix
date posted: 04:52 PM Thu Aug 9th, 2007
last revision: 04:52 PM Thu Aug 9th, 2007

WHEN: Saturday, August 11th @ 2pm
WHERE: Sacred Fools, 660 N. Heliotrope, L.A. (Map)
ENTRY FEE: $20 (to enter tournament), $5 (general audience)

Join the G.H.O.U.L.s! Join the Guitar Hero Organized Underground League, that is. G.H.O.U.L. is an organization, sponsored by RedOctane, publishers of Guitar Hero, to help budding guitar heroes get their full bloom. If you live anywhere near Sacred Fools, 660 North Heliotrope, LA, you should consider being there on Saturday, August 11.

First Place is $200.
Second Place gets a copy of Guitar Hero Encore: Rock the Eighties.
Third Place gets a pass into the next tournament!

(If you want to look for a tournament in your neck of the woods, check out the Guitar Hero forums!)

Here\'s all the information: (or just see their website)

Please email GuitarHero[AT]sacredfools.org to reserve a spot in the tournament. Entry fee is due at registration the day of the tournament. At 1:00pm, all unpaid reservations will be dropped and the tournament will be filled from a waiting list (first come first served).




12pm - Doors open and registration Begins. Practicing will be allowed until seeding begins.

1pm - Registration ends and seeding begins
-Each player will play \"Tonight I\'m Gonna Rock You Tonight\" one time.
-Players will be seeded by score. Tie breakers: Note percentage, then Note streak.
-Top 16 players receive a bye in Round 1.

Round 1
-Remaining 32 players compete in a single song elimination round.

Round 2
-Bracket will be re-seeded to include top 16 players who received a bye in seeding round.
-Remaining 16 players from Round 1 and the top 16 players from the seeding round will compete in single song elimination round.

Round 3
-Bracket will be re-seeded
-Remaining 16 players from Round 2 will compete in \"best 2 of 3\" elimination round.
-After this round, we will break until 8:00pm to allow time for dinner, etc.

Round 4
-Bracket will be re-seeded
-Remaining 8 players from Round 3 will compete in \"best 2 of 3\" elimination rounds.

Round 5
-Bracket will be re-seeded
-Remaining 4 players from Round 4 will compete in \"best 2 of 3\" elimination rounds.

Round 6
-Remaining 2 players from Round 5 will compete in \"best 2 of 3\" elimination rounds.


SEEDING ROUND: Tonight I\'m Gonna Rock You Tonight

ROUND 1: Shout At the Devil, Mother, Surrender, Woman, Strutter, Heart Shaped Box, Message in a Bottle, You Really Got Me, Carry on Wayward Son

ROUND 2: Monkey Wrench, Them Bones, Search and Destroy, Tattoed Love Boys, Cherry Pie, Who Was in My Room Last Night?, Girlfriend, Sweet Child O\' Mine, Killing in the Name, John the Fisherman

ROUND 3: War Pigs, Can\'t You Hear Me Knocking?, Bad Reputation, Last Child, Crazy on You, Trippin\' On a Hole in a Paper Heart, Rock This Town, Jessica, Stop, Madhouse, Laid To Rest, YYZ, Arterial Black, Collide, Elephant Bones, FTK, Gemini, Push Push (Lady Lightning), Laughtrack, Mr. Fix-It, The New Black, One For the Road, Parasite, Radium Eyes, Red Lottery, Soy Bomb, Thunderhorse, X-Stream, Yes We Can

ROUNDS 4-6: Jordan, Psychobilly Freakout, Six, Institutionalized, The Light That Blinds, Misirlou, Raw Dog, Freya, Hangar 18, Carry Me Home, Fall of Pangea, Beast and the Harlot, Trogdor, Less Talk More Rokk


Sounds like a good way to spend a Saturday.


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