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From Software Cancels PS3 Titles?
posted by: Chris Martin
developer: From Software
date posted: 02:14 PM Wed Aug 9th, 2006
last revision: 02:14 PM Wed Aug 9th, 2006

Click to read.TVG reported today that that From Software, the developer responsible for Chromehounds on the Xbox 360, but better known for the Armored Core series, has told Famitsu they have stopped production on two games for the PS3: Dark RPG and Black Blade. Whether these titles would even have been released stateside is up in the air, From Software has not given reasons for stopping production (too difficult to develop for or higher production costs are notorious forum rumors).

But remember, games get canceled every day. And these two games have not necessarily been canceled - merely stopped. It is also possible that the two games they were developing for the PS3 have been stopped in favor of one of their bigger francises - From Software ownes the rights to Tenchu, Armored Core and Otogi. So hopefully a positive announcement regarding the two games\' fates will come soon.

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