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Zombies Ate My Neighbors Adaptation in TheProject.TV Short Film Contest
posted by: Chris Martin
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date posted: 08:15 PM Sat Aug 5th, 2006
last revision: 08:01 PM Sat Aug 5th, 2006

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Click to read.Here\'s something to check out for Zombies Ate My Neighbors fans, or zombie fans in general. TheProject.TV is hosting a short film competition for amateur film makers. What does that have to do with video games and zombies? Well, a couple of filmmakers have been hard at work on their short 3-minute adaptation of the Konami video game for the SNES and Genesis \"Zombies Ate My Neighbors.\"

Here\'s the more direct link to the video.

The short film of the same name is largely a humorous homage to the video game. Directed by Adam Slutsky, co-produced by Sean Jensen, and acted by a slew of other people gets props from this writer for humor (due to some truly inspired schlock-horror acting) and some clever lines like \"We shouldn\'t have let dad pick the coffin\". While the plot differs from that of the game, the game\'s main characters Julie and Zeek are still there, as are Zeek\'s 3D glasses. And of course there are the zombies.

The video - part 1 in a trilogy of 3-minute shorts - follows the unlikely Zeek and Julie as they encounter and easily dispatch a few zombies amidst the chaos of a funeral...more zombie slaying is coming, but we\'ll have to wait for the rest of the series to know how it ends.

Co-producer Sean Jensen explains, \"Our first episode went online less than a week ago. Though we are unfortunately limited in the amount of zombie-gore we can show because of the contest rules, we are still trying to find a way of reproducing the exploding-zombie formula from the original SNES/Genesis title.\"

Here\'s how the competition works: There are three rounds of voting. Round 1, which began about a week ago, goes until September 1st. Then, 50 top voted shorts will be chosen to go on to round 2. Round 2 is a lot like Round 1 except that, by the end, only 10 top voted shorts will make it through. In the end there will be prizes and a whole lot of hullaballoo for the first three finalists.

\"Zombies Ate My Neighbors\" and all the other videos on TheProject.TV are able to ve voted for by anyone and everyone who stumbles across them. Therefore, I emplore you to check it out and if you like it vote for it. It\'s free, and this way you\'ll get the series you like to stay around longer.

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