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Gears of War Emerges Alongside PS3, Sony Makes Angry Face
game: Gears of War
posted by: Chris Martin
publisher: Microsoft Studios
developer: Epic Games
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ESRB rating: M (Mature)
date posted: 03:16 PM Thu Aug 3rd, 2006
last revision: 04:27 PM Sat Aug 5th, 2006

Click to read.REDMOND, Washington - Aug. 3, 2006 - Microsoft offices today announced that Epic Games\', \"Gears of War\" has been given a solid release date.

That date is November 12, 2006 in North America, right smack in the middle of Sony\'s launch month for it\'s next-generation system, the PlayStation 3.

\"Gears of War,\" like \"Perfect Dark Zero,\" and \"The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion\" will also come in two forms - a $59.99 standard version and a $69.99 Limited Collector\'s Edition. The limited edition collector\'s version will let you delve deeper into the world of \"Gears of War\" through an official \"Destroyed Beauty\" art book and a bonus DVD featuring an inside look and behind the scenes at the making of this anticipated title game.

Until now, Microsoft has been very hush hush over the anticipated 3rd person sci-fi/horror shooter and has stated on numerous occasions that the game would release on the mysterious \"Emergence Day.\"

\"\'Gears of War\' represents the emergence of a thrilling new franchise for Xbox 360 and is the must-have game of 2006,\" said Shane Kim, general manager of Microsoft Game Studios. \"Combining the best in innovative gameplay, next-generation graphics and interactive storytelling, Epic has harnessed the extraordinary power of Xbox 360 to create an extremely powerful and immersive entertainment experience.\"

\"Our vision is to deliver a one-two punch of cinematic action paired with a thrilling and compelling interactive experience,\" said Cliff Bleszinski, lead designer at Epic. \"With \'Gears of War\' we\'ve created a title that will place gamers directly in the shadows of a ravaged world, surrounded by the beautiful remnants of a destroyed city and the horrific dangers that hide in the rubble.\"

We have a hands-on preview of \"Gears of War\" right here complete with impressions of the game\'s multiplayer capabilities and even a few words with lead designer at Epic, Cliff Bleszinski.

\"The interest and buzz on this game has been intense,\" said Bob McKenzie, senior vice president of merchandising at GameStop Corp. \"Certainly gamers are counting the days until Emergence Day arrives, as pre-orders have been very strong.\"

What exactly will this do to the PlayStation 3 launch? The jury is still out. It might take some heat off Sony\'s big release or it might just be a pinprick in the mega-corporation\'s side. But we\'re counting the days until \"Emergence Day,\" November 12, 2006 brings us closer to the anticipated title.

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