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Nibris Unveils New Info and Screens for ?Raid Over the River?
press release
game: Raid Over the River
posted by: George Holomshek
developer: Nibris
date posted: 03:09 PM Wed Jun 14th, 2006
last revision: 03:08 PM Wed Jun 14th, 2006

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Click to read.Polish developer Nibris today released new information about their upcoming top-down flight shooter \"Raid Over the River\". A two-part series, Raid Over the River (ROTR) is being developed exclusively for the Nintendo DS, with the second part taking place exclusively on Nintendo\'s new Wii console in the near future. Nibris was kind enough to tell us not only about the overall plot of the game, but also some insight into the control mechanics.

The scenario of ROTR is reportedly very extensive spanning nearly 3,000 years and 6 different dimensions of Earth. Each of these 6 dimension scenarios will play out in distinct stages of Earth\'s history/future including; ancient Greece, WWII Europe, Cold War Soviet Russia, present day United States, Germany of 2018, and Japan in an unspecified point in the future.

So how does this whole plot of time travel begin? With the discovery of an ancient artifact, of course. According to Deutsch-Everett theory, traveling in your own timeline is impossible. We can, however, go to past or future Earth in a different dimension and observe how the history of mankind developed from there. Thus, after archaeologists in Peru uncover this mysterious artifact which holds the knowledge of time travel, TARPA (Temporal Advanced Research Projects Agency) is founded to investigate different dimensions and assess any threats which may come from them.

Enter Carrie Collins, a pilot in a TARPA air strike quick response unit and the main protagonist of Raid Over the River. After a tunnel opens up on Earth and scouts from a different dimension emerge, it\'s game on. The rest of the plot is shrouded in the mystery of strange forces which change the timelines of other dimensions. Throughout the course of the game the player will have to carry out orders with precision, make unexpected alliances, and make choices which will influence both the fate of Collins, as well as the fate of all Earth\'s dimensions.

Each of these dimensions will have the player piloting a vehicle built especially for the current scenario. Raid Over the River will also feature an extensive variety of weaponry ranging from core ammunition, to sonic blasters, to plasma cannons. In addition, there will also be an assortment of special attacks such as calling on wingmen for help, smart missiles, gravity bombs, and satellite laser blasts. Each vehicle will also have its own special attack, enhancing it in ways such as improved dodging or increased firepower.

Control wise, in addition to genre-standard movement, ROTR will also feature a system of dodges to make you more maneuverable and evasive. Rotation, nose-diving, and barrel-rolls will give the player precise control of how they want their vehicle to behave. It is also noted that nose-dives can aid in performing precise bombings of enemy targets. Special attacks will also make use of both the DS\'s touch screen and microphone.

Nibris reports that the control scheme for Raid Over the River will be very intuitive and become natural after only a few moments of play. The control configuration will also be under the complete control of the user, allowing them to map out their button commands just the way they like it. Also, use of voice commands for special attacks is optional for those who are in a quiet setting or still feel a little goofy speaking to an inanimate object.

Finally, ROTR will feature a variety of gameplay modes. Planned single-player modes include Story Mode, Arcade, Dogfight, and Survival. Multiplayer will also be a heavy focus and should feature Cooperative mode, \"The Raid\", \"Raid over the Galaxy\", and \"Special mode\". We have no idea exactly what \"Special mode\" entails, so until more info becomes available we will just have to use our imaginations. Here at GamesFirst! our hopes are that it allows your DS to actually create these dimensional portals for you to travel through, allowing us to go get pizza without having to drive there.

Raid Over the River is currently has a loose release date of sometime in the first half of 2007. We will have more information as it becomes available, but for now enjoy these brand new screens and artwork.

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