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Full Auto Demo Available Now on Xbox Live
game: Full Auto
posted by: Shawn Rider
publisher: Sega
developer: Pseudo Interactive
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ESRB rating: T (Teen)
date posted: 12:17 AM Fri Jan 27th, 2006
last revision: 10:39 PM Thu Jan 26th, 2006

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Click to read.Sega sends word that Full Auto has officially gone gold. For those unfamiliar with games, that means it should be on store shelves in a month or so, which puts the game on-time for it\'s February release date. Developed by Pseudo Interactive, creators of the first-gen Xbox title, Cel Damage, Full Auto features chaotic races and high-end weaponry. For a more detailed description of the game, consult our complete preview.

A single-level, two vehicle demo of Full Auto has been released on Xbox Live for the Xbox 360. The download is free, and provides hands-on experience with the action-packed demolition racer.

Wrecking up the area as you race against other cars, you\'ll charge your Unwreck meter, which allows you to rewind your gameplay and get a second chance at tricky turns or evasion. This component gives it a certain Prince of Persia quality (or Blinx: The Timesweeper, depending on your perspective).

The Unwreck/rewind ability and heated action are the big hooks for Full Auto. Xbox Live multiplayer sounds robust, but it\'s unclear whether the Unwreck feature will be supported in online races (and we\'d guess it isn\'t).

The visuals in the demo are colorful and crisp, but not as mind-blowing as the graphics in PGR3, or even Need For Speed: Most Wanted. Regardless, the slippery arcade control fits the bright graphics-- in a way, the demo feels very \"Dreamcast,\" which could be a good thing. And far be it from us to judge a game\'s appearance on one level alone, so right now we remain optimistic about the graphics in an arcade-y kind of way.

In all, Full Auto should make the Xbox 360 even more appealing for fans of vehicular mayhem. It is a crowded space on a platform with plenty of niches left to fill, and it\'s still unclear that Full Auto is going to draw enough attention to itself. I\'m still optimistic, but, then again, I thought Cel Damage was decent. I mean, compared to Mad Dash...

The Full Auto demo is available now in the Xbox Live Marketplace. Full Auto will release for Xbox 360 in February.

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