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Kodai Djinns Battle YoYo
game: Kodai Djinns
posted by: Shawn Rider
publisher: IR-VONLINE
developer: IR-VONLINE
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date posted: 12:37 PM Tue Jan 3rd, 2006

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Click to read.Kodai Djinns are a funky new battle yoyo toy that blends several of the most popular virtual creature fads. The yoyos are computerized and feature a few buttons and a tiny LCD screen. When you open your yoyo, a creature is born, based on the 12 signs of the Chinese Zodiac. Each of these signs have been personified in either Angel, Evil, or Animal characters. As you begin to yoyo, your creature is born. \"Raise\" the creature by continuing to use the yoyo, and your virtual warrior will become very strong.

The yoyos electricity is generated by the act of yoyoing. That means that you must dilligently yoyo in order to keep your creature alive. If you let the energy die completely, your warrior will die and you will have to begin to raise another. The energy level of each Kodai Djinns is indicated by LED lights which are either green, yellow or orange. If the lights are out completely, your yoyo is dead. If your lights are all blue, then you have lucked out and purchased a special yoyo, which has an automatic bonus 10 points in each game, allowing you to begin battling opponents right away.

Eventually, you will have to conquer mini-games which you can play by yourself to further develop your virtual warrior. These games include an elemental besting game a lot like rock-paper-scissors (water beats fire, fire beats air, etc.). There is also a monster battle game where you can battle against a computer-controlled opponent. In these turn-based games, how you throw your yoyo affects which powers and attacks or defenses your warrior uses. For example, throwing the yoyo as hard as possible during your defense phase will build a fire wall to defend your character. In a solo \"Showdown\" game, you must spin your yoyo on a single throw as many times as possible. Beat the computer and you win.

Winning these games earns you points. Once you have earned ten points in each game, you unlock the ability to battle other yoyos in real-life. That means you and your friends can literally \"throw down\" to see who is the dominating yoyo-meister.

Accompanying the yoyo aspect of the Kodai Djinns game, there is also a comic book series and an online game to expand the appeal of the story and game. The online battle game is not yet available, but when it is released, Kodai Djinns owners will be able to connect their yoyo wirelessly to their PC and upload their developed warrior into the online game. Battles can then take place over the Internet.

This is the kind of quirky toy with multi-media appeal that could become a major hit for the kids (and the incurable yoyo fanatics). Keep an eye out for Kodai Djinns to make their way around the world soon.

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