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Get $100 Off Your GF! Gift Shop Purchase
posted by: Shawn Rider
publisher: GamesFirst!
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date posted: 10:38 AM Fri Nov 25th, 2005
last revision: 09:18 PM Fri Nov 25th, 2005

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Click to read.We are proud of our all-original GamesFirst! gear, created by the GF! staff and always available in the GamesFirst! Gift Shop. Being the team players we are, we thought it would be nice for us to try out this whole \"Black Friday - Day After Thanksgiving Sale\" and see what happened. So we\'re happy to announce that for TODAY ONLY (that\'s Friday, November 25, 2005)we are offering this coupon code which will save you up to $100 on your next purchase at the GF! Gift Shop. Visit the gift shop at http://gamesfirst.spreadshirt.com and add some items to your cart. Once you\'re in your cart, enter the coupon code 328VUDW in the \"Voucher\" box and click the button labelled \"Redeem Voucher.\"

You will then see a savings show up in your shopping cart of either $5, $10, $25, or $100. Yeah, that was a dirty trick to not mention that in the previous paragraph, but we figure it\'s still a win-win situation. If you save enough money to make it worth helping out the best little gaming site on the Web, then \"Congratulations!\" and \"Thanks a lot!\"

GF! gear makes a great holiday gift for the gamers on your list. Does dad like the war games and military shooters? Get him a \"Grognard\" t-shirt; you don\'t understand it, but trust us, he\'ll love it. Hip chicks everywhere are NOT in need of saving, so we made a t-shirt that reads, \"Princess doesn\'t need saving.\" The Starfighter t-shirt is a must-have for any 1980s film buffs (and references the greatest videogame-based movie plot ever: Boy plays game so well that aliens recruit him to fly a starfighter in their intergalactic fight for freedom and peace.).

The absolute favorite design in the shop is the GF! One Star design: Our one star review graphic accompanied by the slogan, \"This game sucks!\" Say it loud, say it proud: Life is too short for crappy games. And not long enough for the good ones.

And winter is the perfect season to show off the dopest GF! retro jacket design (printed on fine quality American Apparel jogging jackets), and the GF! traditional design hoodie.

GamesFirst! clothing is sold through Spreadshirt.com, which is a great service provider. They even give us the ability to do cool things like the Xbox Live Gamertag t-shirt (female version), which allows you to insert your Xbox Live Gamertag into the design. The shirts are of high quality, and the designs are rock-solid; they last extremely well, and we even stink at doing laundry. All of the t-shirts, jackets and hoodies are made of extremely high quality materials and from very good makers. As much as possible, we have printed on Amerian Apparel products, which are sweatshop-free and made in the USA.

Click here to visit the GF! Gift Shop, and for today only use the coupon code 328VUDW for up to $100 in savings.

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