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Star Wars Bounty Hunter Review (GC)
game: Star Wars Bounty Hunter Review (GC)
review | 02/09/03 | Jason Frank
His backpack has jets. He\'s Jango the Fett. He\'s Boba\'s daddy and the template for every clone in the Clone Wars. Star Wars Bounty Hunter puts you in control of Jango Fett as he blasts his way across the universe, cleansing it of treacherous scum and villainy on a mission for the most scummy and villainous of them all. Clickity-click-click.
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Die Hard Vendetta Review (GC)
game: Die Hard Vendetta
review | 02/09/03 | Matt James
Good old Die Hard. You can never have too much terrorist-bashing smartass commentary to go with your action movie or game. To prove this point, Fox Interactive serves us up a big helping of Die Hard Vendetta, putting you in the role of John McLane once again. Click!
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James Cameron's Dark Angel Review (PS2, Xbox)
game: James Cameron's Dark Angel
review | 02/09/03 | Monica Hafer
It kind of seems like they quit working on James Cameron\'s Dark Angel when the television series was cancelled. That\'s too bad, because this is almost a good game. The fighting engine is deep, but overall shallowness of plot and gameplay makes this one for the DA fans and not many more. Click here.
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INTERVIEW: Roman Kremlicka, VP of Wootsoft
interview | 02/08/03 | Aaron Stanton
Wootsoft has a new idea: How about a massively multiplayer online RPG that combines various action elements and, most importantly, looks really, really pretty? Iritor Online promises to deliver stunning visuals and compelling gameplay. To find out more, our man Aaron spoke to Roman Kremlicka, VP of Wootsoft. Click for interview.
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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Review (PC)
game: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell
review | 02/05/03 | Eric Qualls
Ubi Soft has brought their super popular stealth action title to the PC, and Tom Clancy\'s Splinter Cell retains much of its initial appeal. Still one of the most beautiful games ever created, this game is packed full of good times, if you\'re a fan of the slow-paced, stealth-oriented, government intrigue type of gameplay. Click here.
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Impossible Creatures Review (PC)
game: Impossible Creatures
review | 02/01/03 | GF! Back Catalogue 10/2004 => 1995
Microsoft game studio Relic has put together an RTS title that should appeal to the Dr. Moreau in all of us. Impossible Creatures allows you to design your own units to use in battle (how about elephants with pincers? burrowing ant-tigers with electric stingers?). Click here.
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Hip Screen Pad Review (PS2)
game: Hip Screen Pad
review | 02/01/03 | Eric Qualls
Hip Interactive brings us a novel little product in their Hip Screen Pad. It\'s a PS2 controller with a screen and speakers built in. On the upside, the screen is really nice looking, especially considering its 2.5 inch size. On the downside, it costs about as much as other, bigger, portable screens and the controller is S-U-C-K. Click for more.
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INTERVIEW - Niel Wiser, President & Founder of UltraPrime Network
Articles Archive | 01/19/03 | GF! Back Catalogue 10/2004 => 1995
The Evolvers: A well selected name for what could constitute an entirely new perspective on massively multiplayer gaming. For years there have been videogames that have attempted to mimic the look and feel of Hollywood: vampire slayers, star trekkers, bounty hunters “ slews of voice actors trying to mimic other people in the name of a good videogame. It's amazing how rarely they succeed. Similarly, there are times when storylines built with the controls of a console or played out on the screen of the PC are used to produce a feature film. Resident Evil. Final Fantasy.
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Tetris Worlds Review
game: Tetris Worlds
review | 01/01/03 | Aaron Stanton
Classical puzzle action finds its way to the Xbox in Tetris Worlds, complete with addictive gameplay and even Xbox Live multiplayer action. On the downside, it\'s still just Tetris. Click here to find out if it\'s for you.
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Beam Breakers Review
game: Beam Breakers
review | 12/22/02 | Eric Qualls
So what could be more fun than running around jacking cars in a crowded modern city? How about jacking hovercars in a futuristic city? Beam Breakers features amazing graphics and brings the Driver and GTA style of gameplay into the future. Click here for more.
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Marvel vs. Capcom 2
game: Marvel vs. Capcom 2
review | 12/22/02 | Eric Qualls
Capcom is known for releasing their games all over the place, and sometimes we give them a hard time for it. Other times, like right now while we\'re playing Marvel vs. Capcom 2 on the PS2 and Xbox, we\'re very happy that they keep their titles alive. MvC2 is still a great game that any fan of the fighter should check out. Click here.
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Arx Fatalis Review
game: Arx Fatalis
review | 12/22/02 | GF! Back Catalogue 10/2004 => 1995
JoWood Productions has made a great showing for us at the end of the year. First there\'s Beam Breakers, and now we get Arx Fatalis, a PC RPG that draws a lot from the success of Morrowind but still manages to be incredibly enjoyable. Hardcore PC RPG fans should be very happy about this. Click here.
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Rise of Nations Review
game: Rise of Nations
preview | 12/22/02 | GF! Back Catalogue 10/2004 => 1995
Microsoft kicked us down an early version of Rise of Nations, their new, fast-paced RTS title, and we love it. Due out next year, Rise of Nations asks you to develop a civilization and take over the world, all in rapidly paced battle and building segments. Be prepared to confront your inability to do anything else next year. Click for more
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Super Monkey Ball Jr. Review
game: Super Monkey Ball Jr.
review | 12/22/02 | GF! Back Catalogue 10/2004 => 1995
THQ has done a nice job with the GBA version of Sega\'s popular Gamecube puzzle game. Super Monkey Ball Jr. manages to capture almost all of the endearing qualities of the original. Grab a copy or three and get your monkey roll on with a group of friends. Click for more.
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Fighter Maker 2
game: Fighter Maker 2
review | 12/22/02 | Eric Qualls
Agetec brings us the next-gen installment of their very creative franchise in Fighter Maker 2. The graphics are better and there are more options than ever for making your own fighters and then duking it out in the ring. Unfortunately, tedious creation menus and a clunky core fighting engine hinder this one. Click here.
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