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Robotech Battlecry Preview (Xbox, PS2, GC)
game: Robotech Battlecry
posted by: GF! Back Catalogue 10/2004 => 1995
publisher: TDK Mediactive
developer: Vicious Cycle
date posted: 09:10 AM Sat Jun 8th, 2002
last revision: 04:37 PM Thu Nov 3rd, 2005

By Jeff Luther

Fans of the Robotech anime series officially have something to smile about. The classic title is headed for next gen systems (all of them). Robotech: Battlecry pits you, the virtuous shape-changing Veritech mecha, against the evildoers of the invading Zentraedi armada. The prospect of an interactive version of the anime classic should be enough to get most fans excited, but what\'s even better is that so far it\'s looking real good.

The cel-shaded graphics succeed with their cartoon style; it\'s smooth and colorful, vibrant. This look is particularly appropriate for the Robotech license because it delivers the feel of the anime series and effectively puts the gamer in an interactive episode. Whether you\'re in robot form and slugging it out with baddies on the ground, or in jet form dog fighting the enemies in the sky, everything looks good. The city on display at E3 was expansive and detailed as the robo-jets zipped around, trying to save the day.

Perhaps most notable is how appealing the game looks on its own merits-you don\'t have to be a lifelong fan, which I\'m not, to appreciate the look and feel of this arcade action title. Robotech: Battlecry offers mission based game play and spans 35 different levels. In all, it should deliver over twenty hours of play, which is pretty good for an arcade action game.

Fans can officially start their Robotech countdown. Look for Robotech: Battlecry this fall on PS2, X-box, and GCN.