Blair Witch:
Volume One--Rustin Parr

While playing the game, press [F10], then type in one of the following codes:

iworkforgod                       Invincibility
nod3d                                 Invisibility
mediumrare                       Crossbow
bigstickofdeath                  Shotgun
meetmypaltommy              Tommy Gun
smileynomore                     Elephant Gun
burnyourassoff                    Flamethrower
goodtimesman                   Dynamite
getittomybelly                     All Weapons
iamawimpforthis                100 Bullets
wwbeware                           Silver Bullets
vampbeware                       Lith Bullets
demonbeware                    Mercy Bullets
flameonastick                     Flaming Ammuntion
sunofgod                             Charge Radiance                                               Emitter
recharge                             Recharge Flashlight
icansee                               Night Vision Goggles
thedogfarted                       Gas Mask
givemefaith                         Full Health
combatisscary                    Easy Combat
isuck                                    Easy Game Difficulty
puzzlesarescary                 Easy Puzzles
gibuplenty                           Dismemberment Mode
bighead                              Big Head Mode
t2000                                   Terminator 2 Skin

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