Age of Empires: Rise of Rome

Press return to access player talk and type in one of these cheats

New Priest Unit                               convert this!
Rocket Launcher Car                     big momma
Tricycle Baby Gunner                     pow
Combat Robot                                stormbilly
Eagles Into Dragons                      king arthur
Killer Animals                                 grantlinkspence
Instant Building                              steroids
Win Scenario                                 home run
Kill Player                                       kill [player #]
Rocket Launcher Car                   bigdaddy
Everyone Dies                              diediedie
Resign Game                                resign
Full Map                                         reveal map
1000 Food                                     pepperoni pizza
1000 Gold                                      coinage
1000 Wood                                    woodstock
1000 Stone                                     quarry
Remove Fog of  War                     no fog
Transform Villagers (1)                 medusa
Laser Trooper (2)                          photon man
Animal Control                               gaia
Juggernauts Move On Land        flying dutchman
Catapaults Launch Peasants (3)   jack be nimble
Stealth Archer                                  dark rain
Horse Archers Into Black Riders   black rider
Nuke Trooper                                e=mc2 trooper
Suicide                                           hari kari

1. After villager dies, will transform into Black Rider; after Black Rider dies, will transform into Heavy Catapault.

2. Click on Town Center, then type in code.

3. Select Catapault, then type in code.



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