Army Men 2

While playing game, enter message mode, then type "!when all else fails..." to enable cheat code. Then enter one of the following codes:

!a better tomorrow                   Vulcan Gun
!acme discs                              Mines
!aluminum foil                            Flak jacket
!armageddon                            Armageddon
!beautiful nikita                         Sniper Rifle
!doctor doctor                           Healing
!fourth of july                              M-80
!geronimo                                  Air Strike
!gnomish inventions                 Explosives
!i give up                                    Lose Mission
!I have a rock                            Grenades
!jumpjets                                    Flight Mode
!ninja arts                                   Stealth Mode
!paper dolls                               Paratroopers
!no rocket launcher                   Bazooka
!phoenix                                     Flaming Sarge
!rubber cement                         Medical Kit
!santini                                       Invincibility
!spidey senses tingling           Full Map
!veni vidi vinci                            Win Mission



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