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E3: Her Interactive and New Nancy Drew Games
game: E3: Her Interactive and New Nancy Drew Games
posted by: Laurie Taylor
publisher: Atari
developer: Her Interactive
date posted: 12:00 AM Thu May 19th, 2005
last revision: 12:00 AM Thu May 19th, 2005

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In July, Her Interactive will release the next installment in their award winning Nancy Drew game series. Like the other Nancy Drew games the newest game, Secret of the Old Clock, blends point and click adventure gaming with immaculately detailed graphics and a fantastic story. Secret of the Old Clock is the twelfth game in the Her Interactive's Nancy Drew series and celebrates the 75th anniversary of Nancy Drew, proving that Nancy Drew and well designed games are timeless.

Like the older Nancy Drew stories and games, Nancy Drew: Secret of the Old Clock presents a detailed mystery within a deep world. The game is set in the 1930s and begins with Nancy going to visit her friend Emily. Strange things are happening in Emily's home and, in classic Nancy Drew style, Nancy uses her sleuthing skills to help.

As Nancy Drew, players explore Lilac Inn, the town, and surrounding areas like Bogart's Pond. Players are able to explore on foot and in Nancy's classic blue roadster. In the roadster, player's use gas and must work to earn money to purchase more if they run out. Details like working for money, fishing and golfing mini-games, and even period-accurate gas prices make Secret of the Old Clock--like the other Nancy Drew games--a rich gaming experience. The richness of the game world, with game details that reference the history of Nancy Drew, accurate historical information about life in the United States in the 1930s (with President Hoover's thoughts on the Depression ending and scientific discoveries from that era like the the discovery of Pluto), accurate slang from the 1930s, and the world of Nancy Drew herself all add to the game's depth.

In September, Her Interactive will also be releasing Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon, an adventure where Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys work together to solve the mystery surrounding a supposedly haunted train. The summer and early fall releases of new Nancy Drew games, especially with their bargain prices and (generally $19.99 each), look to be a perfect way to celebrate the history of Nancy Drew. Given Her Interactive's track record of successful, engaging games, there's no reason to expect anything but the best from these new titles.