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Everything We Know About the I.C.E. 360 Modchip
game: ICE Modchip
posted by: Aaron Stanton
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date posted: 04:51 PM Fri Jan 13th, 2006
last revision: 06:10 PM Mon Jan 16th, 2006

Click to read.Everything There Is To Know About the I.C.E. Modchip (at the moment):

Since January 2nd, 2006, the I.C.E. modchip for the Xbox 360 has been a matter of fairly stringent debate.

The chip first appeared when modchip reseller InfinityMods.com posted a comment on their website claiming that they had received an Xbox 360 modchip called the LiThIuM I.C.E., and that they were testing it and expected the chip to be available for preorder within two weeks. That\'s January 15th or so.

Since then, there\'s been a tremendous amount of information about the chip\'s legitimacy, very little of it conclusive. Three times now GamesFirst has offered to send a writer to Team I.C.E.\'s location in an attempt to help prove its authenticity, and every time the request has been either turned down or ignored in subsequent communications.

Is the ICE modchip for real? Is Team I.C.E. simply unfortunate enough to accidently name themselves after the government agency that recently arrested 3 Xbox modders in California? What can be believed?

In our final post on the subject, we combine comments from Team I.C.E., Divineo.com, and other sources to sum up everything we know about Team I.C.E. and the first announced Xbox 360 modchip. Some of this information is public. Other bits of information come from private correspondence we\'ve had with various people and sites.

In our opinion it paints a very questionable picture. Even if the chip does go on sale in the next week, it means nothing without independent verification from a trusted source.

A Time-line and an Interview:

We have no conclusive information about whether or not the ICE Modchip really exists, but we present the information we have in a time-line, followed by an interview with Team I.C.E.

In the meantime, we leave a standing offer to Team I.C.E.: Upon your request, we will consider sending a writer to verify the chip\'s existence and function, and serve as an independent source of confirmation. The gaming and modding community has gone out of its way to verify this chip\'s abilities with no success; if Team I.C.E. wants to be taken seriously, it\'s time they open the doors.

Everything We Know in a Time-line:

A Brief E-mail Interview With Team I.C.E.:

On January 9th, after a number of e-mails between GamesFirst and Team I.C.E., the team agreed to answer a few questions for us. Below are our questions, and Team I.C.E.\'s responses.

Our Final Thoughts:

We here at GamesFirst are hesitant to pass judgement without absolute proof. However, it seems to us that the I.C.E. modchip would have been fairly easy to verify as legitimate if it were truely functioning. Is it a fraud? A hoax? A young modding team jumping the gun when they thought they had a chip ready to go? Is it legitimate? We have no way of saying. However, even if the chip is real, how confident would you be in the product after reading the above? We here at GamesFirst honestly hope that I.C.E. is vendicated, but there are a great deal of holes they\'ve not addressed. There\'s no way in the world we would consider purchasing this chip from any retailer without solid, independent verification of the chip.

So far, that hasn\'t happened, and there has been plenty of oppertunity.

One More Place to Research:

As we said at the start of the article, this is the last time the I.C.E. chip will be addressed here on GamesFirst.com, short of some substantial happenings. However, we\'ve been in communication with BlackListed411.net, which claims to have an extreamly indepth report on the situation coming up soon. We\'ll link to it when it publishes.

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